Officers and Committee 2019 (Men)
Mr. Michael Ryan
087 242 5474
Mr. David Dempsey
086 846 1781
Mr. Michael O Flatharta
086 353 5980
Mr. Raymond Kirby
086 386 2872
Hon Treasurer
Mr. Gerry Bradley
087 293 4420
Hon Competitions Secretary
Mr. Paul Harris
086 813 5272
Hon Handicap Secretary
Mr. Sean Garrigan
086 239 9404
Committee Members: Ex Officio, Messrs. Larry Wallace (Ex Officio), Martin Walsh, Enda Smith, Tom Reilly,Don Costello, Brendan Harmon, Eamon Ward, Dermot Whelan and Jody Keegan.
Officers and Committee 2019 (Ladies)
Lady Captain
Adrienne Cooke
086 600 2350
Lady Vice-Captain
Margaret O'Rafferty
087 276 9994
Lady President
Angela Ward
086 345 3641
Ladies Hon Secretary
Betty Beirne
085 706 2796
Ladies Hon Treasurer
Liz Clarke
086 350 4632
Ladies Competitions Secretary
Brigie Guy
086 164 0535
Handicap Committee: Margaret O’Rafferty, Brigid Guy, Betty Beirne and Joan Nolan.
Sub Committees
Handicap Committee: Mr Sean Garrigan Mr David Dempsey, Mr. M.Ó Flatharta.
Finance Committee:
Mr Gerry Bradley Mr Martin Walsh Mr Brendan Harmon.
Social Committee:
Mr. M. Ryan, Mr.Dermot Whelan Mr Eamon Ward Mr.Thomas Reilly Angela Ward, Karen Bates.
Competitions Committee:
Mr Paul Harris, Mr.Don Costello and Mr.Brendon Harmon.
Course Management/Liaison Committee:
Mr Raymond Kirby, Mr. Brenadan Harmon, Martin Walsh and Enda Smith.
Inter Club Competition Co-Ordinators:
Ms Brigid Guy, Ms Margaret O'Rafferty, Mr. Enda Smith, Mr. Sean Garrigan, Mr. Eamon Ward, Mr. Martin Walsh, Mr Gerry Bradley and Mr. Raymond Kirby.